When you pull into the parking lot at Christian Life, it is our prayer that you feel the presence of God.

As you make your way into our main entrance, you will be greeted by smiling faces that have been eagerly awaiting your arrival. As you make your way to your seat in the sanctuary, you will notice the excited chatter as the people of Christian Life await the start of service.


From the first note of the first song, it is our hope that you feel the spirit of God. As you look around, you will see people clapping, singing and standing while the praise team leads the congregation in a diversity of songs. At Christian Life, we believe in the importance of worship as a daily part of life, and love to spend time together corporately as we worship Him.


As Pastor Eric or one of the other members of the ministry staff steps to the pulpit to deliver the sermon, you will find yourself listening to a relevant, engaging message straight from the word of God. Both life-changing and challenging, no sermon is complete without an invitation to act on what you have just heard. While there is no pressure on you to respond to God, it is evident that the Spirit of God is active at Christian Life of Hendersonville. 


After service dismisses, you can expect the chatter to resume as people swap stories and share a laugh with their friends. You can expect to shake a lot of hands and meet a lot of new people both before and after service.

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